HR Process Outsourcing

Setting up of HR Process and sytems can cost heavily and consume lots of time, if your business decission doesn’t allow you to hire a team of dedicated human resource professionals and still want to implement and follow the best industry practises in areas of competency mapping, rewards and recognition, performance management we have an offering for you. We have a team of associates with us with formal HR qualification and experience with large and reputed corporates. As a part of our services we can help you set up your HR systems and process’s as followed by many succesful and leading organizations, can offer you retained services on regular basis to keep the systems running smoothly.


RPO stands for “Recruitment Process Outsourcing, “meaning that an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external vendor. Those recruiting activities may include sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, coordinating offer letters and orientation.

As cost of recruitment is increasing with time, it may help you to appoint us as your RPO if you are looking forward to Cost Savings, Extra Resources, Focus on only certain areas of HR.

You can offshore your recruitment process to us, we appoint a dedicated Account Manager and team of expert consultants to work on your requirements, which could be entire process of sourcing, screening, recruiting, onboarding or any part of it.

Benefits of Offshoring:

  • 1 . Reduce Cost
  • 2 . Increased focus on core competencies
  • 3 . Staff Augmentation for work load balancing, access to skilled resources on need basis
  • 4 . Ability of have work performed 24 x 7
  • 5 . Gives flexibility towards scalable model which can be ramped up or down quickly without incurring long term costs such as unemployment insurance, employee benefits, etc.


You may also hire an inhouse recruiter as a part of our RPO service, who will be based in your office, working closely with your HR team and supporting on sourcing, screening, candidate engagement, selecting, rolling out offer letters, getting documentation done, and onboarding of the selected candidate.

Key benefits in such services is immediate flow of information, better intergration with your process and systems, reduced cost per hire, saving effort and time on compliance.

Database Regeneration

Value of your database is zilch if it is not updated and latest, it’s a natural process for data to become old and obsolete if not updated regularly. You might have millions of candidate records in your database which might need cleaning and regeneration, which might take endless time and money to be completed. We offer you Database Regeneration services by which we help you with udpated, cleaned and validated data from the database you share with us. This not only saves your time and money but makes your data meaningful and informative which can translate into business.